Easter Around the House

Five fun ways to enjoy Easter festivities at home. From crafting to egg hunting, there is so much fun to be had during this holiday! Check out these fun things to do at home during the Easter Season.

Make an Easter Egg Tree

This tradition originated in Europe but has become more popular in other countries throughout the years. Choose a tree in the front or backyard and hang decorative eggs like ornaments on a Christmas tree. Enlist your kids to help you and you will be the envy of the neighborhood.

“Egg” the Neighbors

You’ve been Egged! This is a fun Easter tradition, to spread fun and cheer throughout the neighborhood. Hide a few plastic eggs in your neighbor’s yard, and you can put a variety of items in them, such as small candy, coins, and stickers. Leave a note on their porch that says they’ve been “Egged” so they know to go hunt for them.

Backyard Easter Egg Hunt

If you have a backyard, or a field available, you can easily set up your own Easter egg hunt! Give each member of the family their own color egg, and create memories with a DIY Easter egg hunt! In addition to candy you can put coins in the eggs and have the kids count the change for a simple math lesson and some e-learning fun.

Sidewalk Chalk

A growing trend has been writing encouraging messages and drawing on the sidewalk! This week, spend some time outside decorating your sidewalk for Easter. You could use puffy paint, sidewalk chalk, or even washable finger paints. Get creative and maybe even a little messy with this activity.

Make Homemade Bunny Ears

Crafting is a great way to spend time together this Easter. Bunny Ears are a simple yet fun craft to make with your kids. They make the perfect accessories for a photo op or a Bunny Hop Race. Here is a quick tutorial on how to make your own ears at home: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oWEo-SDgPlE.

Home is Where the Love is…

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have be about romantic love—it can be the perfect occasion to have fun with your children and shower them with love! It also provides an opportunity to teach your children about the importance of caring for others. Here are some ideas of how you can share the love with your kids this Valentine’s Day.

“Love” One Another

Be an example for your child on what it means to love others. You can do this by showing them how much you love them through these ten great ways. It is also a great time to teach them about compassion and helping those in need by volunteering or raising money for a charity.

Did Someone say “Love”

Spend some time talking with your child about Valentine’s Day and what love means to them. You can also ask them questions to get them thinking about family, friendship, and love. What do they love? How do they show their family that they love them? We guarantee you’ll “love” what they have to say!

Once Upon a “Love” Story For some great children’s books about Valentine’s Day check out these recommendations. Read to your child or better yet, have them read to you. You can even get creative and crafty by creating art projects to bring the stories to life.

We “Heart” Food

Delight your child with a special treat! Here are 4 easy, tasty “heartfelt” recipes: