Backyard Décor Ideas for Spring

If spring has sprung in your neck of the woods, a backyard glow-up may be just the boost you need. Whether you’re working with a smaller space, looking to create your own outdoor zen, or making a welcoming space to gather, here are some ideas to help you beautify your backyard.

Brighten It Up with Lighting

A little light can go a long way in beautifying your backyard. It could be something sweetly subtle like tea lights (live candles or battery-powered) or small string lights in a mason jar scattered around. A candle-lit chandelier can add sophistication or you could install recessed lighting into the wood of your pergola or the stone of your outdoor kitchen. We also love simple improvements like adding lighting to a path or hanging lights above a seating area.

Add an Outdoor Structure

A pergola, awning, gazebo, trellis or even a small porch swing can help you create your backyard retreat. Imagine a place you could hide away to at the end of the day to read a book, enjoy a meal or have a quiet conversation. Climbing plants or outdoor curtains can offer some privacy from nearby neighbors and hanging lights or lanterns can help cast a soothing glow to relax in.

Create a Cozy Spot to Chat

A couple of chairs and a small table can add a touch of intimacy for even the smallest spaces. An outdoor fireplace or fire pit is especially inviting on cool summer nights. As for décor, consider purchasing neutral outdoor seating so you can switch out color as the mood strikes with cozy pillows and cushions.

Speak to All Your Senses

When choosing plants for your space, think about the colors and aromas that you enjoy most. Maybe it’s a favorite flower from your childhood or a mix of your favorite colors. Spring offers so many vibrant colors to choose from and a visit to your local nursery might provide all the inspiration you need. In a welcoming climate like Lathrop’s, just about any plant can thrive.

As for sound, a babbling water feature or wind chimes can create a soothing space. You might also consider a birdhouse to invite local birds so you can enjoy their song. Also aster, mint, rose, milkweed and vervain are especially inviting to butterflies. As a bonus, mint is also wonderfully refreshing in a cool glass of lemonade.

Plant Some Natural Pest Control

Bugs have a way of spoiling the best backyards. Did you know there are plants that can provide natural pest control and leave your area smelling amazing? Citronella repels mosquitos and offers some natural foliage.

Lavender, with its pretty purple blooms and relaxing aroma, is also suitable for indoor use and cooking. Society Garlic, with its subtle aroma and tall purple flowers, is edible, too. You can chop up the leaves as you would chives to add a subtle garlic taste to a dish. Both act as natural mosquito repellants.

Create a Living Memorial

Planting a tree or rose bush is a beautiful way to celebrate a new birth. Popular choices include the birth flower for a new baby or simply something pink or blue for the gender. It’s also a really special way to remember and celebrate someone’s life by planting their favorite flower or a particular color rose or hibiscus that reminds you of your loved one.

Make Your Own Kind of Beautiful

With a wide variety of beautiful spring blooms and Stanford Crossing’s gorgeous homes with diverse backyards, it’s easy to create a home and backyard you love. Plus, Lathrop, CA, home to Stanford Crossing, enjoys such a pleasant climate that your own outdoor oasis could be an often used and welcome retreat nearly year-round. Have fun and make your backyard work for you. See what other treasures and adventures Lathrop holds.



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