7 Interior Design Trends for 2024

Whether you are moving into a new home or you simply want to rejuvenate the one you already have, choosing an interior design style can be overwhelming. Luckily, we’ve compiled this list of interior design trends to watch out for in the next year. Read on to find out exactly how to make sure your home is up-to-date and tastefully styled.

  1. Keep It Eco-Friendly

Have you been thinking about your impact on the environment? You’re not alone! We are all starting to really care about the impact our daily lives have on the earth and are managing our carbon footprints wherever we can, whether that’s through composting, opting for no-waste products, or in our interior design choices. Think plants everywhere, natural, non-synthetic materials, and warm, earth-toned color palettes. This cozy, balance-restoring vibe relies on the innate beauty of nature to pull a space together — after all, who needs bright LEDs and plastic decor when there’s so much natural interest to be found in a simple array of greenery?

  1. Go Big with Minimalism

There is something to be said about the effect of a decluttered space on an already cluttered mind. We all have a lot going on, so for many, a clean, minimalist-chic feeling in their home is the remedy to a busy life. This trend prefers simplicity and functionality above all else. Choose furniture that doesn’t overwhelm the space and go for bright, neutral colors — such as cream, beige and warm-toned grays — to make the space feel bigger. Clean lines and open, airy spaces are key.

  1. Make It POP with Bright Colors

At odds with a rise in minimalism is a surge in the popularity of bright colors. For many, gone are the days of muted monochromatic aesthetics. Instead, the focus is on bright, joyful colors in every area of the home. Bold and vibrant colors can have actual mood-boosting effects, depending on which colors you choose. Orange in the living room can elicit feelings of happiness and warmth; green in the kitchen can make it a place for feeling calm and peaceful. You don’t have to commit to painting everywhere in order to reap the benefits, either. Simple pops of color, such as throw pillows, furniture pieces, or wall art, can add vibrancy to any room.

Seasons by Richmond American – The Jonquil
  1. Step Back in Time with Art Deco

History has a habit of repeating itself, especially in the design world. Interior designers are revamping styles from as far back as the Roaring Twenties. One of these styles is art deco, a decadent, glamorous style that was popular through the 1920s and early 1930s. Everything about art deco says opulence. (Picture The Great Gatsby.) Jewel tones are a staple, as well as traditionally elevated materials (stainless steel, high-end upholstery). It also utilizes stylish, edgy geometric shapes to add depth and dimension to otherwise subdued spaces — consider adding zig-zag or chevron designs to a statement wall, or opting for trapezoidal and hexagonal shapes over simple rectangular pieces.

  1. Shape Your Home: Geometry

Geometry in and of itself can breathe life into a space in some unexpected ways. Geometric design isn’t limited to sharp, hard angles, either: in fact, it seems as though softer, rounder shapes are in style in a big way. Arches, curved furniture, or “squiggle decor” — as in, furniture or decor pieces that utilize waves and curved lines — add a sense of fun and whimsy to any space. Pair these shapes with some of the bright color trends we mentioned earlier for a chic, bubbly home in 2024.

  1. Cozy And Collected: Organic Modern

Simple, natural materials are a great way to add some depth and coziness to an otherwise modern interior. Rather than stainless steel or tile, this particular style makes use of materials such as stone or wood. Go for a warm, neutral-toned color palette as a backdrop, and reach for accessories made of natural materials, too. Natural fiber rugs, wicker baskets, or ceramic art pieces are all easy ways to keep on-theme. This design style is a direct defense against the stress of daily life. There’s nothing that says “cozy and calm,” like soft colors and natural, sustainable materials.

Seasons by Richmond American – The Amethyst
  1. Get Smart with Technology

In an era where we can ask Alexa to dim the lights, order groceries through a screen on our fridge, and talk to visitors through our doorbells, it’s no surprise that technology and interior design are beginning to mingle in new and exciting ways. Technology can be a powerful tool for both decluttering a space and making your day-to-day life more intuitive. Leave behind wall switches, for example, and opt for a smart lighting system that allows you to control your home’s lighting via remote control. Integrating these subtle technological touches can make your home feel more modern and elegant, while also ensuring your home tech is up-to-date and efficient.

As we transition into the latter half of 2023, many of us might be considering life transitions as well. Moving into a new home is a huge change, but there is no need to stress when deciding to live at Stanford Crossing! We have your back through every part of the process, from choosing your home to deciding on a design aesthetic to give it some character.





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